Why Google Duplex Is The Future Of AI

google duplex

If you haven’t heard, Google has recently previewed it’s “Google Duplex” feature for the Google Assistant. Artificial Intelligence is great, but Google is taking it to the land of the Jetsons. Before we dive into explaining how Google Duplex works, I’m sure there’s a lot of you wondering “What is Google Duplex?” Clearly, it is related to Google, but keep reading to learn more.

Google Duplex In A Nutshell

Ever had a time in life when you wished you had a personal assistant? Sure, we have Google Assistant, but Google assistant can’t replace a human being. Or can it? If you’ve ever wanted someone who could call the doctors office and schedule an appointment for you but you couldn’t afford to pay someone to do that, then you’ll love Google Duplex.

Unlike every other AI, with Google Duplex, you wouldn’t be able to identify whether you’re speaking to a robot or an actual human being even if you tried. Google has made this AI sound like a real-life person. All of the pauses that we make to think about what we’re going to say, all the “um’s” we try to avoid, Google Duplex does it all. Even listening to calls, we may not want.

Google Duplex
Google Duplex Is The Future of AI

Creating The Feature

When creating this feature for Google Assistant, Google wanted it to sound as real as possible. We all know that if we received a call from a bot and was able to know that it’s not a human being we’re talking to. We’d probably think it’s just some annoying automated service calling us to harass us and then we’d hang up the phone. Google Duplex now solves that problem. Most people can’t decipher if its a real person or a bot when hearing from this feature.

Why This Is The Future

When I think of being closer to the Jetsons, I start to think about a world where humans have to put in less effort to do everyday things. A world where we no longer have to do the chores we don’t want to do. It just makes life easier and ultimately allows us to have more time and freedom in life in the long run. I can honestly think of many people that this can benefit. The lawyers who just want to spend time with their children, but have to constantly make calls to clients.


Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter, pretty soon those tedious daily tasks will no longer have to be done by you. You’ll be able to let your Google Assistant take care of that for you. While this opens the door for less tedious tasks, it also opens the door for getting more important things done. If you liked this post, check out our “5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Google Pixel 2” post