10 Top-notch Robotics Engineering in 2018

The annual expo in Las Vegas called Consumer Electronic Show (CES) featured the latest robotics inventions last January 2018. They showed off advanced robotics engineering that shows the future potentials of the world.

Future robotics development

  • Self-driving cars
  • Domestic cleaning robots
  • AI-powered health and well-being technology
  • Companion robots

Here are the top 10 robotics inventions introduced in the expo:

  1. Ubtech Robotics Walker

This is an automated household helper that can operate on your smart home. The first bipedal robot to hit the commercial market.

  1. ForwardX CX-1 Robotics Suitcase

This is a smart suitcase that is jam-packed with features that takes over baggage carrying because of its powered wheels while following you autonomously.

  1. Somnox Sleep Robot

This is a sleeping robot which serves as a body pillow that is very helpful for insomniacs.

  1. Boston Dynamics SpotMini

This is a robotic dog that can run, jump, open doors, and can carry out basic tasks.

  1. Care OS Smart Mirror

What you see in futuristic movies when their mirror talks to them about some “stuff” can now be reached in the market. It can run full facial recognition, play music, take selfies, and can give skin care advice. Talk about a smart mirror.

  1. Robomart

Hello, grocery automobile! This is an AI-assisted autonomous vehicle that can deliver food in your area.

  1. Sophia

This is like a Google search engine turned into robotics. Ask away! Sophia can give you not only valuable information but as well as smart retorts and occasional well-timed joke. A smart AI that is truly a milestone in human robotics.

  1. Aeolus Bot

This is more than just a robot butler it is capable of cleaning in different ways. It can even help you in your home organization. It can guard your house, vacuum your carpet, and can put eye-sore stuff away.

  1. Giles Walker’s Robotic Strippers

Strippers? Yes, you got it right. These robots can sway their hips, but I doubt they can keep you in a magical spell. They’re for a greater purpose. It is intended as a commentary on voyeurism and surveillance assistance.

  1. Kuri

This is another domestic robot that can do so much more than cleaning. Smart and some would even say, friendly. It can monitor your home while it is also able to answer questions. It is truly another breakthrough in having robotics as a daily assistant in the home.