Monitor My Child's Text Messages

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages?


Cell phones have become a growing necessity for children that even a 7-year old child knows how to read text messages! A survey conducted in 2015 stated that 90% of US teens between the ages of 13 to 17 already have access to all kinds of devices, and this includes Smartphones.

The fast, convenient, and often free communication is the main reason for the necessity of having a mobile device among children and teens. Because of this very reason, new text messaging apps have emerged.

Although many of the teenagers are responsible in terms of using text messages, there are still some reasons parents would want to¬†monitor their children’s text messages. Here are some of the reasons collected from different sources:

  • Distraction

Kids nowadays are mostly glued to mobile devices that sometimes constant text messaging made them neglect their responsibilities from the real world, such as schoolwork, homework, and household chores. Constant text messaging also affects their social capacity at a certain degree, even affecting the family time. Imagine watching a movie with the whole family on weekends, and your teens are busy with their phones. The worst is that your children might become addicted to text messaging, and they keep on checking for new messages constantly. These reasons and many more will lead to a negative impact on their academic performances. It is best when you set boundaries and guidelines for them to follow, which includes when they should keep themselves away from their devices. Check on their text messages regularly to help you determine whether or not your children are following the rules.

  • Sleep Deprivation

Children are losing sleep, which is also a result of constant text messaging. According to some pediatricians, children between the age of 10 to 17 need 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours of sleep, and several surveys found out that more than 80% of children and teenagers all over the world fall short in this target. Young people bring their phones to their bedroom every night and don’t turn it off when they sleep. Text messages keep coming, and your children felt compelled to read it and send a reply. Monitor their phones by knowing the time of their incoming and outgoing text messages.

  • Inappropriate Content

Children are learning from their parents at an early age. Rules, such as do not be a bully, do not swear, do not hurt anybody, are taught from their parents. However, as children grew, they spend most of their time in school where they see some inappropriate actions or languages, opposite learning to what you taught them. Harmless flirting can escalate quickly to sexual content. Innocent swearing can become a habit. Monitoring how their interactions through the exchange of text messages are good ways to make sure they are upholding what you taught them.

  • Physical Damage

Excessive text messaging can also cause damage to our thumb and other fingers. According to some experts, nonstop texting can lead to painful cramping of the fingers or, worst, musculoskeletal disorders. Setting up boundaries for your children and monitoring the use of their phones is a way to prevent this kind of physical damage.

When giving a child their mobile phone, you need to explain to them why they need to follow the rules and why you need to monitor them. Visit for the best apps for monitoring your child’s text messages.