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Founders of NewInTec

We are the team at NewInTec! We created NewInTec 5 years ago based on trust, respect, and friendship. We love Technology and will continue to cover the latest and greatest in tech.

With technology evolving so rapidly, our love for tech continues to grow… I mean, can you believe that we’re in a world with Virtual Reality?


Our Story

We all agree that life before NewInTec was hard. We were all interested in Technology, but yet worked in fields we didn’t like. Most of us worked in the Medical field, well… except for Steve, he was a HVAC Technician. Interestingly enough, we all met each other at work. We realized that we all shared similar ideas and thoughts.

Before NewInTech:

Ashleigh wasn’t too fond of her job. She always complained about the attitude of patients. She tried her hardest to help people in anyway shape or form, but she realized that being a nurse wasn’t the only way to help people. She started trying to find other ways to help the crowd she wanted to appeal to, which was the tech community.

Steve used to always stop by the Hospital to fix the cooling system and he constantly complained about his job. He didn’t like lifting heavy AC Units, being surrounded by harmful gas & the people who looked like they were going to die by the common cold.

Danny was a Sterile Technician, and although Danny was the nicest guy you’d ever meet, being a Sterile Technician made him miserable.

Emma worked as a Pharmacist. Emma never really complained, however, being a pharmacist wasn’t in her original plans. Emma wanted to go into the field of Pharmacy Informatics.

Kristine used to be an administrative assistant… She never really mentioned why exactly she wanted to start doing something new though, it’s probably safe to say, she got bored.

Carmen wanted to find a way to work from home seeing as she had a baby on the way… She said it was time for a change, she didn’t want to miss anything related to her children.

Sal got tired of radiology. After years of doing it, he wanted to branch out into something new and “more interesting”

Naomi was a dietician because she was forced to go to medical school by her parents, but deep down, she always knew she wanted to do something tech related.

Chris didn’t know what he wanted to do after school, he just wanted to move forward, but later on realized that he had a passion for tech.

One day we decided to sit down and have a plan to work on “Project Evo” now known as NewIntec. That’s where it all began.

After NewInTec:

Now we’re all living our dreams. We’re doing what we love to do and helping each other to keep moving forward everyday. We create content for you, our readers. Our goal is to constantly keep you updated on all the latest tech. We love to give you the best information about a product before you spend your money. We want you to have an in-depth understanding of what you’re buying.

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